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Anton Mikhaylov
Chief physician of St. Petersburg Public Health Facility "Maternity hospital №17" of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Professor of the Department of North-Western State Medical University named after I.I.Mechnikov of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, The Сhief Freelance obstetrician-gynecologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District, Professor, Holder of Habilitation degree in Medicine
Despite the rapid development of perinatal medicine, great obstetric and neonatal syndromes remain an urgent problem even in economically developed countries and require in-depth researches. For obstetricians and gynecologists around the world, the improvement of perinatal outcomes is an extremely important and priority task, which can be solved only by constantly improving one's own knowledge. It is gratifying to see that doctors understand the situation, and every year they pay more attention to education.

Carrying out events aimed at improving the level of doctors' knowledge and the quality of medical care in solving specific problems in obstetrics, gynecology and perinatal medicine is especially important. In this regard, I am pleased to invite you to the International Congress "Great obstetrical and neonatal syndromes - Pathophysiology and Clinical Practice", which will be held in St. Petersburg on December 14-16, 2017. The Congress will bring together leading experts from different countries to work together to help future mothers, and to prevent the development of serious complications that could have negative impact not only on the reproductive health of woman, but also on the health of her child.

The Congress covers quite wide range of topics - from organizational issues, such as routing in obstetrical pathology, to specific clinical practices and situations, for example, of a stopping of obstetric bleedings or psychological support for patients with perinatal losses. We will discuss the features of conducting pregnancy and high-risk birth: modern diagnostic methods, work with complications and support of patients in the postpartum period, multiple pregnancies, fetal abnormalities and other situations where the life and health of the mother and child directly depends on the competent and confident actions of doctors.
Obstetricians, gynecologists and specialists of perinatal medicine today are united, active and open to the innovation professional community. We are honored to participate in its development and celebrate the real results of its activities. I am sure that participation in the Congress "Great obstetrical and neonatal syndromes - Pathophysiology and Clinical Practice" will allow our colleagues to consolidate the existing successes, to look at the problems of their practice in a new way, analyzing the world's leading clinical experience, and most importantly - to feel their involvement in the formation of international standards of delivery of health care in Russia.
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