Pathophysiology of main obstetric, perinatal and neonatal syndromes
Ultrasonic diagnosis and MRI in obstetrics and neonatology
Innovations and current achievements in medicine of mother, fetus and newborn
Hypertensive diseases of the mother and pregnancy
Pre-eclampsia: early screening, protocols and algorithms of reference, neonatal tactics
Pre-eclampsia: Routing, time, method and place of delivery
Premature birth: pathophysiological causes and current achievements
Antenatal prevention of RDS, current methods of surfactant therapy and auxiliary respiratory therapy
Extremly preterm newborns: "to live or not to live?"
Late premature birth and early urgent birth duting the neonatal period
Pathophysiological substantiation of current approaches to parenteral and enteral nutrition of premature infants
Gestational diabetes: early screening, protocols and algorithms of prenatal care, neonatal tactics
Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and pregnancy
Overweight: Pregnancy and perinatal outcomes
Multiple pregnancy: from impregnation to childbirth during the period of newborns
Pathophysiology of specific complications of monochorionic pregnancy
Hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn
Pregnancy and newborns during critical somatic diseases of the mother and after organ transplantation
Cellular technologies in perinatal medicine
Placenta as a mirror of the main perinatal pathology
Perinatal and neonatal losses and near-miss
Prenatal diagnosis: non-invasive prenatal testing, prenatal 1st trimester screening
Perinatal interdisciplinary consultation and fetal development abnormalities
Psychological support and perinatal losses care
Fetus and newborn surgery: pathophysiology, experimental models and clinical practice
Perinatal Anesthesiology
Bleeding during pregnancy and childbirth: pathophysiology, prevention and pharmacotherapy, protocols, algorithms and team training
Anemia: pregravid preparation, pathophysiology of evidence-based pharmacotherapy during pregnancy and the puerperium
Pathophysiology of perinatal infectious complications and neonatal sepsis
Disorders of hemostasis in perinatal and neonatal medicine
Perinatal Clinical Pharmacology
Pathophysiology of placentation and placental insufficiency
Growth and development of fetus / newborn in obstetric, perinatal and neonatal pathology
Slowing growth and small fetuses for gestational age
Functional assessment of the fetus during pregnancy and childbirth: doppler and cardiotocography
Functional assessment of the condition of the newborn
Threatening and emergency conditions in childbirth, protocols, algorithms and team trainings
Pathophysiology of perinatal hypoxia and newborn asphyxiation
Perinatal and neonatal resuscitation
Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy: pathophysiology, prevention and current methods of treatment
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia: lessons from recent decades
Perinatal programming of childhood and adult diseases
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