Format of the report
Presentations should be submitted to the Organizing Committee no later than one day before the Congress start date;
Speakers are given technical capability for demonstration during the presentation of slides in the RRT or PDF format, as well as videofiles;
Speakers should keep the time allocated for presentation, according to the approved program, including answers to questions and an exchange of opinions with the audience;
Changing the duration of the report is possible in agreement with the coordinator of the module;
On the day of the educational event, the speaker should arrive 1 hour before the start of the Congress, proceed to a speacker room to check their presentations and video materials for technical correctness (format of presentation);
The report should be interactive, include questions to the audience, discussion of clinical cases and examples;
The speaker should be present in the audience during the presentations of other speakers of his module, participate in the discussion with the audience and other speakers.
Сontent of the report
The report should contain objective information based on international (European, American) "Guidelines" and Russian standards, and be free from commercial bias;
Reports should be tailored to the principles of evidence-based medicine;
Reports advertising products, equipment or services of companies are prohibited. If the above-mentioned signs are found during the report, the organizing committee has the right to interrupt the speech and withdraw the report;
The report should use international non-proprietary names. It is not allowed to have commercial logos and proprietary names on the slides.
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