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1 место: Арсентьева Наталья Эдуардовна
2 место: Тишина Анна Викторовна
3 место: Маракуца Евгений Викторович
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Приветствую вас на II Осеннем онкологическом онлайн-марафон «ONLINE-ОСЕНЬ»!
Онкологические заболевания, как известно, до сих пор остаются одной из ведущих причин смертности и инвалидизации населения нашей страны. Сегодня мы в очередной раз собрались в виртуальном пространстве, чтобы предложить пути решения актуальной проблемы злокачественных новообразований.

Мы видим, что благодаря активному профессиональному общению происходит быстрое внедрение современных высокоэффективных методов диагностики и лечения злокачественных новообразований, вырабатываются оптимальные алгоритмы междисциплинарного взаимодействия и, соответственно, повышается качество медицинской помощи в онкологии. Такие мероприятия, как марафон «ONLINE-ОСЕНЬ», показывают свою крайнюю востребованность среди клиницистов, особенно в условиях неблагоприятной эпидемиологической обстановки.

Отмечу, что сегодняшний марафон — это максимально практическое содержание. В прямом эфире будет продемонстрировано большое количество операций, выполняемых при различных онкопатологиях. Будут затронуты вопросы организации онкологической помощи, в том числе слаженной работы врачей смежных специальностей, и много других важных тем. Уверен, что наша встреча как источник новых идей и знаний принесет в скором времени свои плоды в виде множества успешно пролеченных пациентов.

Желаю вам плодотворной работы и всего самого доброго!

Президент АОР, главный внештатный специалист-онколог Минздрава России,
генеральный директор ФГБУ «НМИЦ радиологии» Минздрава России, академик РАН

Андрей Дмитриевич Каприн
Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to invite you to take part in a special event the 3rd Oncology Online Marathon "Online Spring 2022". A good spring tradition of inspiring professional communication goes back to the difficult year of 2020, when all of us faced the need necessity to find new formats of education activities.

Today, it is obvious that online medical conferences can be effective and useful for doctors due to the proper organization and the participations of the highest qualification. The "Online Spring 2022" marathons have taken place already for several times. Not only oncologists, but also doctors of different specialties and other fields of medicine are looking forward to these online meetings.

I believe that the "Online Spring" marathon is organized for all specialists who are greatly interested in improving their competence, who search for information about new methods of diagnosis and treatment of malignant neoplasms, everyone who is ready for interdisciplinary cooperation in cancer treatment.

It is worth noting the interactive mode of our marathon, as well as the focus on practical issues. A number of reports will come with surgical procedure videos. We have also planned the sections with live surgery - live streams from operating rooms.

This year we are joined by our foreign colleagues who will hold a unique master class in reconstructive plastic surgery-oncology, as well as an International Symposium on the Oncomammology.

I'm sure that the "Online Spring 2022" marathon will become a significant contribution to improving the quality of oncological care in our country.

Recently, the oncological service of Russia, as well as the entire healthcare system, has faced the new challenges, and we have already managed to accumulate some anti-crisis experience. I guess that we will have the opportunity to exchange such experience more than once at the meetings of various formats. Together, side-by-side we can solve much more problems, no matter how difficult they may seem.

We will definitely cope with all the challenges of our time!

See you soon at the Marathon!

Kaprin Andrey Dmitrievich, President of the Russian Association of Oncologists, Chief Non-Staff Oncologist of the Central, Volga and North Caucasian Federal districts of the Russian Health Ministry, General Director of the FSBI "National Medical Radiology Research Center," Doctor of Medicine, Professor, RAS Academician.

President of the Russian Association of Oncologists, Chief Non-Staff Oncologist of the Central, Volga and North Caucasian Federal districts of the Russian Health Ministry, General Director of the FSBI "National Medical Radiology Research Center," Doctor of Medicine, Professor, RAS Academician.
Dear colleagues,

Population mortality rate is significantly determined by oncological diseases which remain one of the most urgent problems of modern medicine. At the same time, active professional communication and implementation of the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques into clinical practice are the most important requirements for success of the fight against this pathology.

I am pleased to invite you to take part in the 3rd Oncology Online Marathon "Online Spring 2022". It is quite symbolic as our meeting will take place in early March when nature is preparing to awaken and is filled with new energy. We can see a similar situation in oncology - many problems are still waiting to be solved, but the bright scientific discoveries of recent years inspire hope in the hearts of doctors and patients. Obviously, such achievements would not have been possible without the exchange of experience and knowledge, which will be one of the most important objectives of our spring meeting.

I would like to pay special attention to the section of the scientific program concerned with up-to-date possibilities of diagnosing and treating breast tumors as the main cause of death of women from oncology. In 2020, more than 2.2 million cases of breast cancer have been reported worldwide. These dramatic numbers make experts unite their efforts more vigorously. Major cases of such interaction will be the 1st Central-Eastern European Congress on the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of breast cancer and the International Breast Symposium, which will be held as part of the oncology marathon. The participants will be able to receive the cutting-edge information in the field of oncomammology, improve their educational and professional level and apply acquired knowledge to their practical cases successfully.

See you soon at the 3rd Oncology Online Marathon "ONLINE SPRING 2022"!
Dear colleagues, we are looking forward to e-meet you!

Sincerely yours, Domozhirova Alla Sergeevna, MD,
Scientific Program Coordinator "ONLINE SPRING 2022"

MD, Scientific Program Coordinator "ONLINE SPRING 2022"
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